Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tiger Beer Presents Tiger Streats!

During the end of December last year, Tiger Beer held a one-of-a kind culinary experience where over 700 food lovers were invited to check out their 'Tiger Streats' event (A wordplay on Street a treats geddit geddit???)

Held at a pop-up restaurant event space, MH Platinum Warehouse in Setapak, one would be easily mistaken that they were at some hawker street lane at Jalan Pudu


Chef Jeff Ramsey and Hawker Chan Hon Meng with their dishes at Tiger STREATS
So what's the treat you ask? Tiger Beer brought in a Michelin Starred Chef. Hawker Chan. One of the first hawker stand operator that won a pretigious Michelin Star. For his Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle in Singapore. As well as Jeff Ramsey, former Executive Chef at the Michelin-starred Mandarin Oriental Tokyo hotel and current owner and chef of progressive modernist restaurant Babe KL
The dish with a Michelin Star. Hawker Chan's Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice. Much awesome I must say. Couldn't get enough of it that night.


Guests were welcomed to mess about with the marquee words

"Laksa Injections" By Chef Jeff Ramsay. Prawns skewered in tubes packed with the flavors of three types of Laksa

'Down the Rabbit Hole' by Chef Jeff Ramsey, a rather intriguing take on nasi lemak and roti banjir, personally I found this a little too eccentric for my tastebud

There was a Tikam Wall where you could win prizes depending on what combination of numbers you get from the paper on the wall

Some of the nostalgic-esque prizes that could be gotten that night. My personal favorite being Choki-Choki. I used to suck of them all the time during school ;-)

Fried Cempedak Ice Cream


Roti Ais Krim 


"Two Makes a Blossom" a collaboration dish by Hawker Chan and Chef Ramsey

Chicken Varuval Appam by Hoppers

Loh Mai Kai with a Twist by Tujo Bar-serrie & Grill

As the night went on, we were served with a special Tiger STREATS inspired Yee Sang! In conjunction with the commencement of Tiger Beer's Chinese New Year 2017 campaign. Instead of the usual ingredients, it was served with dried prawn crackers and satay sauce.

Indeed a night to be remembered, not only were we served with great food but there were also performances by Tiger Jams finalists, Rozella and Son of a Policement to keep the crowd entertained.

Commenting on the event, Tiger Beer Marketing Manager, Jessie Chuah said, “It is an honour to have two renowned chefs as part of our Tiger STREATS campaign and to see food lovers from all walks of life sitting together around the table, making unexpected new connections. Having scrumptious food accompanied by ice cold Tiger brews just adds to the celebration.”

Friday, September 23, 2016

H-Artistry 2016 The Global Art of Mixing @ MIECC

Super stoked for this event! It's been years since I've attended my last H-Artistry and this year H-Artistry is BACK and they are introducing a brand new digital experience! BY LIVE STREAMING THE PERFORMANCE on

Taking place at the Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) in Mines Resort City, on 8th October, H-Artistry 2016 will see an expected 1,500 guests coming together for one of the best music events this year, and one of the best H-Artistry events to date! This year's exclusive event returns with a more intimate party. H-Artistry amplifies the exclusive party, opening its doors to tens and thousands of people around the nation to experience H-Artistry like they've never before through digital live streaming.

This time around, H-Artistry 2016 will be engaging 4 local Malaysian talents to curate a one-of-a-kind experience for guests. The four talents, Angel Ng. A bartender from PS150, Andrew Tan a mixologist and owner of HYDE. Hugh Koh co-founder of Southeast Asia leading street wear label Pestle & Mortar and finally Jun Ong, a light artist and architect by profession, all of them will be given the freedom to curate the cocktails and overall look and feel of H-Artistry 2016

But what about the acts, you may ask. THIS YEAR WILL BE ANOTHER STELLAR LINE-UP FOR SUPERSTARS. With a mix of local and international artists. Which includes :

HyunA. I don't think she needs any introduction. But if you do, just look up Bubble Pop on Youtube.
Crizzly, American Trap DJ.

Mad August, Malaysian Chinese modern Rock Band (Mad stands of Make A Difference)

Tinashe, American R&B/Pop Singer

H-Artistry 2016 is an invite only afffair however several contests from now leading up to October will give you a chance to win a limited number of invites. For more information on how to win tickets to H-Artistry 2016, and to catch the live stream performances of H-Artistry on 8pm 8th October, do visit :

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Review


Imagine this, your alarm didn't go off this morning because the battery has died and you need to attend a super important meeting. You rush to the toilet and start washing yourself at light speed, however there's one step which you can't skip. The Morning Shave.

It's no doubt that this crucial step is what draws the line between the disheveled hobo look and the clean dapper modern man.

Well case in point, Gillette has recently launched their latest new Mach-3 razors that comes with sharper blades and improved lubrication strip, which promises to help Malaysian men achieve a great shave, and great skin.


I was recently given a Gillette Mach 3 shaving kit to try out, which consists of the Mach 3 Turbo and a shaving cream

The Mach 3 Turbo
Retails at RM18.50 at all leading retailers.

It's triple-bladed razor with advance blade coating technology ensures a very clean shave and at the same time requires less cutting force. Not to mention it's enhanced gel bar that is 30% wider, and contains more "cushioning lubricants" to provide better lubrication and glide.

It's handle is ergonomically designed with elastomer gripped points to provide a secure grip which handles great in wet bathroom conditions (as well as those hangover mornings)

The head of the catridge is mounted on spring fingers. Which move up and down as they automatically adjust to the different levels of shaving pressure and skin variations, helping to increase comfort during shave

Prepping up for the shave, always use a generous amount of shaving cream

The first stroke

Protip : Use both hands for better accuracy to ensure you don't shave your lips

Start with one side of your face so that you can pretend you have a split personality.

Almost done.

The end result, a clean shave without irritation! Which could go south really easily if I chose to use a cheap disposable razor. As you can see there is no redness or any irritation. Just dapper ol' me.

So what did I think of the Mach 3 Turbo? It's a great razor and albeit a little bit pricier than regular disposables. They gave me a really clean and easy shave.  Similarly with my previous experiences with Gillette razors, they usually last a great deal of time. This razor, especially because it is better than an ordinary disposable, even on the 10th shave

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gillette's new Mach 3 series Launch @ PJ Trade Centre

17th August 2016, Gillete launches it's latest Mach 3 series (which consists of three different variation : The Mach 3 Classic, Mach 3 Turbo and Mach 3 Sensitive) and to kick it off, they organized a talk-show style event that's centered around men's grooming regime and their new Mach 3 range.

Do you often have irritated and red skin after your daily shave? This talk-show is catered towards preventing such occurrences and is greatly beneficial for shaving-challenged individuals.


The talk show was hosted by former Miss Malaysia and TV Host Nadia Heng and also featured local actor/celebrity Fahrin Ahmad as the guest of the 'talk show' 

Fahrin Ahmad shares his insight on how important his grooming regime is as well as horror tales of using cheap disposable razors and it's downsides. He mentioned how his director once commented on how disheveled he looked when he used cheap disposable razors that day, which is why with Gillette's Mach 3, he'll always be able to look his best throughout his busy daily schedule.

To show the effectiveness of Gillete's Mach 3 Turbo, Fahrin Ahmad and along with two other audiences members did a live demonstration. By shaving their facial hairs in front of all the audience.

The guys showing off their shaving regime while also trying out the Mach 3 Turbo

The after-shave

After the shaving demonstration, Nadia and Fahrin played a game called the "Whisper Challenge". Which is kind of like charades except one person will be wearing ear plugs and headphones with blaring music and will be required to guess the word the other party is saying by way of lip reading. Which led to some pretty funny answers.

Fahrin Ahmad posing with the participants of the Whisper Challenge

Gillette Mach 3_0002
From L-R: 1) Utkarsh Mohan, Country Category Lead (Shavecare), MSB (Malaysia Singapore Brunei) 2)  Zeba Khan, Commercial Leader, MSB (Malaysia Singapore Brunei) 3) Ong Yuh Hwang, Country CEO, MSB (Malaysia Singapore Brunei) 4) Fahrin Ahmad 5)  Syed Nahar Sharifah Nadia, Communications and Government Relations Leader, MSB (Malaysia Singapore Brunei) 6) Tay Li Er, Assistant Brand Manager (Shavecare), MSB (Malaysia Singapore Brunei)

So what makes Gillete's Mach 3 Turbo stand out from the rest? 

1) Sharper Blades
With a sharper blade, The Mach 3 Turbo requires less cutting force with each shave

2) Advanced blade coating technology
Thin Uniform Telomer Technology (TUT-technology) that provides great strength to the fine blades and reduces the cutting force

3) Enhanced gel bar
With a 30% wider gel bar, The Mach 3 Turbo is able to achieve better skin contact, providing better performance of lubrication and glide

About the Mach 3 Family
The new Mach 3 series comes in 3 variations, the Classic, Sensitive and Turbo
  • When cutting a hair using the three-bladed razor, the razor uses the flexibility of the hair in the follicle and a process called "hysteresis" to provide a closer,longer lasting shave.
  • Each blade is independently mounted on spring fingers. Which moves up and down as they automatically adjusts to the different level of shaving pressure and skin variations, helping increase comfortness of shaving.
  •  It's skin guard is comprised of soft,flexible microfins that gently stretches the skin to present a smoother surface to the blades, which improves skin comfort and reduces irritation
  • The Mach 3 handle connects at the front of the catridge to redirect 50% of the force from the hand away from the blade to increase skin comfort and to ensure the catridge follows the contours of a man's face 
  • The front head pivots, which creates an "open architecture" that makes it easier to clean the catridge head
  • They come with an ergonomic handle with elastomer grip points to provide a secure grip during every shave
  • Comes with a simple single docking system that easily connects the handle to the pivoting razor catridge for optimal skin shaving positioning

Remember guys, shaving is an important ritual of men everywhere and one shouldn't cheap out on their regime by using cheap disposable razors unless you want to risk having irritated skin for the entire day. Gillette's Mach 3 series is definitely something worth investing in if you're still keeping that complimentary hotel shaver.

Gillette's Mach 3 series is available at all leading retailers from the time of writing. Prices are as follows : Mach 3 Classic - RM15.90
Mach 3 Sensitive - RM17.90
Mach 3 Turbo - RM18.50

Disclaimer : This is a paid write-up