Monday, November 24, 2008

Reminder to self : Check Brakes

8:15am : Almost got into an accident today. Was going 70km/h today at jalan istana and the car in front of me came slowed down and as I slowed down as well my brakes wouldn't behave and ended up sliding forward,luckily I was able to control my car as it skidded forward and nothing happened and I continued to drive on. But I think some motorcycle behind me got shocked and fell down as I saw it at my rear mirror.

This is the third time my brakes failed me in the past 2 months, the first and 2nd time this happened while I was on my way to 1U and it was raining heavily, same situation except I was only going 40km/h this time, the 2nd time it happened was 5 minute after the first time. Guess my car isn't suitable for wet roads at the moment till I get it checked.


Flaffy said...

oh my, you seriously should take your car to the workshop lol

devilwearsprada said...

i tot u service your car recently

Anonymous said...

Yes I did but it isn't from 'official' service centers :)