Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas Eve @ 2008

A summary of what I was doing on Christmas Eve :

1. Work.

(Notice the period at the end of the work? Yea I sound bitter)
Yea, sad but true I had to work on Christmas eve till Christmas morning. But that does not deter me from celebrating. :)

My Dinner :

Yes, I had fast food for dinner. Fattening I know, but I like to treat myself during these times and I did not order the set meal,so there isn't fries or soft drinks.

Had my dinner at 7:30pm and work starts at 8:30. And my break was at 11:30pm. So here is what I did during my break :

Wore a funky Christmas hat to the mamak store as my colleague was really hungry and insisted to go there. The hats were a challenge, whoever keeps it on the longest gets free dinner. Naturally being the ballsy person (*proud*), I was declared the winner unanimously. Besides this we were getting loads of attention during our journey to the mamak, there was one Myvi who honked at us and inside was full of girls waving at us, ego booster indeed.

Camwhoring at the mamak.

The funky Christmas hat, as I walked the springs would jump around hence causing alot of attention.

My acomplice for the evening, Mr err...crap I forgot his name >< And his ugly hat.

That being said,Christmas eve was very quiet at Midvalley and there wasn't even a sound of fireworks anywhere (expected). Most of the people at the time was busy quieing up to have their last-minute gifts wrapped (Cook books and short stories being the most wrapped item at MPH).

P.S. Ryan won the foosball match again tonight and now the score stands at 5-1 (6 matches played over the course of 6 working days) against Mr Acomplice

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