Monday, December 22, 2008

New 2008 Honda City - Duck Shoot

2008 Honda City E-Spec with Modula Bodykit 5-piece set (Front Under Spoiler, Side Under Spoiler - Left, Side Under Spoiler - Right, Rear Under Spoiler, Trunk Spoiler -Duck Tail)

Kudos to the MD of Imavest Honda Sdn Bhd for lending me the car for a quick photoshoot. Although how badly I wished this car was mine :(

Anyways due to my crappy pda camera I'm not able to take better pictures and angles due to the darkness so I had to resort to my car's headlights to illuminate the car.

Price tag for this sexy beast : RM87,000 + RM4750 for Modula Body Kit

Digi Ducky as model

The headlight placing is really cool IMO

Headlamps at its full glory

The car's entertainment system. It accepts ipod input as well at the bottom.

View of it's tachometer

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