Thursday, December 25, 2008

Now it is

Yea I know some of you have been dying to know what was inside the box. So now I present to you :

Unpacking the contents.

3 boxes inside,with warranty statement and a postcard that came with a coupon code (common practice nowadays among all online shops to insert a coupon code with discounts,pesky temptations they are <3)
The elusive Oberon SS (Sold-out)

Nekura Transceiver (Engraved)

Nekura Progression (Black)
6 LED colors available to select from and can be changed anytime.

Everything that was listed above can bought from the Japan Online Store

They are currently having boxing day sales promotion and discount go up to 70%

Also purchases above 10,000 yen are given free shipping so it is recommended that you do a bulk or joint purchase with a friend or two

Shipping is done worldwide and can be purchased via Credit Card (Paypal not accepted currently due to it's risky nature)

The author received his package within 3 working days upon ordering from the website.

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