Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year visit / Memory Trip

Haven't been to my grandma's place for a long time. The last time I visited was like half a year ago? During my junior years (9-13 if my memory did not fail me) this place was viewed as a concentration/torture camp. As we would be forced to stay here every weekend and school holidays as the parents would not have time to entertain us at home during holidays. I recall selling badly drawn caricatures of cartoon characters to any visitor who visited us and then spending it all on card vending machines. Those were the days

The worshiping altar. It's been there ever since I could remember.

The dining table.

The only source of entertainment during my earlier years. It's either the idiot box or go outside and get your ass kicked by strangers.

My old piano, when I was young I treated this as a real piano and can even play some simple tunes by following some really old piano notes found from my grandma's old cabinet. By the way the one labeled '3' is the C note.

Our old bedroom. There's an old aircond that really only functions as a weak fan. There used to be a bed but I don't know what happened to it.

Granma's radio. She would play old opera songs every morning which serves as an effective wake up call for us.

And finally grandma herself. Nowadays her short-term memory is not doing too well, so every conversation would repeat itself every 10 minutes. But her long-term memories are still good. So every year I see her it's the same stories. "When Porpor(Granny in cantonese) was younger Porpor was staying at Canada and no one took care of you siblings, so one day I visited Malaysia and was horrified at how undernourished both of you looked so I migrated back and took care of you."

Not to sound ungrateful but...yea this was drilled into our heads ever since we were young.

The antagonist.

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