Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fluffy Rabbit.

Last year I had an idea to try something new (A new experience/adventure) at least once a month but didn't think much of it until I received text message from her :

You have a new text message :
"May Lynn : Jr, Can I tumpang a bunny at ur place for few days pls?"

Looked at the message for quite a while first. "Well why not?What's the worst that can happen?" I thought. Murphy's Law was in effect again.

So.....Inspired by Jim Carrey's last movie, naturally I said the only thing I could think of

I Replied :
"Yes =3"

So it begins.

Meet Fluffy
She's 2 months old and is a very curious bugger.

Known behaviours :

1)Does not stop eating no matter how full she gets,is able to consume half a carrot within 10 minutes

2)Gets pissed at you if you do not feed it enough,once I fed her a little less than what I feed her normally before going to work and she threw a tantrum. When I got back from work I found that she overturned her water bowl and the whole floor was wet

3)Case in point,once I got too tired to wake up and feed her in the morning so I figured she wouldn't mind being fed an hour later or so but I was wrong, she ends up kicking the empty bowl against the cage every 5 minutes and I end up waking up to feed her.

4)She does not like the top of the carrot so what she does is she tosses it out of the cage to a single same spot every time.

So after a week May Lynn came and took her back. And finally I got my peace back.

Will be posting more of my new experience/adventures on the next post

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Anonymous said...

Feed her with quality pellets and handful of hay a day is enough.. i have 9 bunnies and dont feel difficult at all..