Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Klang and Seremban Trip

These events took place on the 30th of December 2008 :

Originally the agenda was simple,

1.Get to Klang for May Lynn's medical checkup
2.Have Yao Yao Ping and Fried Chicken at Klang
3.Get to Seremban to Pick up pet rabbit

But unfortunately, Murphy's Law had to come in play. Read on :

10:00am - Went to May Lynn's place to pick her up,off we set to Klang for her medical checkup. But on the way to Klang she found out her appointment was tomorrow

10:30am - Reached Klang,but the Yao Yao Peng place wasn't opened till 11am,so we decided to go to this 'popular' kopitiam we saw in a 'makan-makan' book.

Cheong's Kopitiam
The place was apparently well known for it's Coffee

May Lynn and her Bittersweet Coffee

I personally find the coffee to be okay only. Seems that Starbucks has spoilt me. Next thing we tried there was the popular Toast bun with Butter and Kaya :

Toast Bread with Kaya and Butter

10:45am : It was almost time the Yao Yao Ping place opened so we rushed over to Pandamaran

11:20am : Got abit lost but eventually found our way to the Yao Yao Ping place, I ordered red bean and May Lynn ordered the "BuBu Cha Cha" flavour :

Ahhhh bliss

And finally my main reason for the trip :

The friend chicken
Best fried chicken I have had so far, so much better than Pudu's Wai Sek Kai and far cheaper too. RM2.50 for the Breast

12:20pm : After stuffing ourself full of chicken and Yao Yao Pings we set off again to Seremban this time. While on the Seremban Highway I broke my personal ground speed record. (170 km/h) thanks to a M3 who diverted all cars away from the fast lane for me.

1:00pm : Reached Seremban,first thing we did was to get the famous Seremban Siew Pao. Bought 2 boxes. Went to pick up rabbit. While on the way back to KL, found out the rabbit was car-sick. Poor bunnie :(

1:20pm : Still early,decided to go for a light walk at Times Square to burn off the calories gained from the early food binge.

3:10pm : Went for a movie, Titled "Diary of the dead", One word to describe this flick. Bleak. Just another zombie movie but I personally enjoyed it unlike May Lynn who enjoys watching the movie from between her palms.

5:20pm : Finished movie,so we walked to Pavilion to get some Facial products

6:20pm : Went to Pudu's Wai Sek Kai for May Lynn's favorite dessert :

8:00pm : Finally reached home,dead tired. Fed the rabbit.

So that was a summary of my recent trip with May Lynn to Klang and Seremban. Will post more about the rabbit on my next post.

P.S. May Lynn is a dessert slut

P.S.S. Ryan has gained weight after the huge binge he had today and is regretting it

Items consumed :
2 Fried chicken
1 Cup of coffee
1 Toast Bun
5 Siew Pao
1 Cup of Yao Yao Peng
1 Sweet Egg Dessert
1 Glutinous Sticky Rice

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Bakahashi said...

lol sounds like a good day. I wanna come on the next outing.