Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Year's Eve @ 2008

1. Finished work @ 6:15pm.

2.Picked up May Lynn

3.Picked up my girlfriend

3. Went home to find that the lift was broken down and had to walk up 12 floors

4. Picked up Simone

5. Went to Ngao Cheh Sui

6. Had Steamboat and BBQ :

Simone ordering her share. Notice the waiter standing behind her is not to happy hence the fist clutching

Getting annoyed after knowing her picture was taken

Looking smug in my new shirt <3

Girls binging on the sauces even before the food arrived.

7. Went to Simone's place for Monopoly.

8. Countdown'ed in the toilet. The Portugese grill fish did I had at lunch not agree with me and had to rear it's ugly head on New Years

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