Monday, January 12, 2009

A trip to the hills

Another one of my new experience was to drive up to Genting Highlands alone. Here are some pictures of my journey uphill. These post will be labeled under "Yes" for easy tracking

Started around 7:15pm and reached Genting around 8:30pm.

Camwhored alone while on the long escalator ride.

View of 1st World Hotel

Carousels and Ferris Wheels turns me emo

Thus an emo look is required throughout my walk. Finally came down around 11pm

While driving up I did alot of thinking on where my life was going and what I'd plan to do in the following years. Looking back at my accomplishments and failures through the years, sure there are some events that I wish would turn out differently but no regrets here.

Scrolled through my testimonials from friendster a few years back and found this :

"*bish* have i written u a testimonial? i dun exactly remember. =P well, since i'm currently here on ur page, i'll just drop of Jay-R from my p.o.v~ i knew this guy in this game called o2jam, n met him for the first time in a gathering in wangsa maju~ didn't really get to knoe you till bout half a year back though..=P when we started chatting on msn. he's a very fun person to chat wif...can talk all sorts of crap~ and a fantastic gamer! very talented in gaming. NFS for wcg2006? gambatae~ hope to see u emerge as one of the winners then ^_^ this fella here, always tell me hungree and no food in the house..very cham de...=P n i end up tempting him wif fantastic descriptions of food...mwahaha! got good photoshop-ing skillz also...he's currently crazy wif pic editing...until my pics also kena edit liaoz. pifz. summore wanna make me look like vampire. -_-" anywayz, glad to knoe you!! n lets hang out at the timesquare arcade again when i get back~"

Looking back at that, I have really changed alot as compared to 3-4 years ago. Physically yea,getting bigger and bigger in terms of tummy size :P. Socially i've given up on hardcore gaming and preferred casual gaming once I started earning my own dough. I have even given up my weekly arcade visits after I started my working life.

I'm getting old :( . Fortunately my raging hormones and wits are still intact.