Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lust within Fulfilled - Logitech Z-5500

After saving my pennies and dollar notes for a few months I have finally gotten one of the items from my wish list. Which at the moment have just one more item before it's completed.

Went to purchase with Miss Sam who on the way took me on a guilt trip :P

Nah I'm just kidding, you know I am

It makes the world go round k

Bought from ALL IT Hypermarket at Lowyat plaza. Damage : MYR1450 + 2% merchant charge

The subwoofer is huge and now I do not have enough space to sit. Also the table isn't suitable for the subwoofer to lean against because when the heavy bass hits the table it gives out a distorted bass feedback or whatever it's called. Nevertheless I'm happy *leers at sam*

How the current desk looks like.

So my reviews on it, build quality is good, no issues with it so far. The sound control panel gets hot easily if the air-cond isn't turned on but no big issues there. Speakers wise have not really tested it to it's fullest potential as they are not fully burned in yet. So far I have only turned it's volume to 30% (50% on the control panel and 50% at the system) and already the house have started shaking, half-expected the authorities to come knocking on my door due to noise disturbance.

I'll give it a 7 /10. Have not fully utilized it.

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