Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Strike Indeed.

That explains why there are so many missing technicians today :/

HONG KONG - ABOUT 400 contract technicians for Hong Kong's leading phone operator went on strike on Tuesday to protest a company proposal to cut contractor rates by 10 per cent, organisers said.

The technicians for PCCW Ltd protested outside company headquarters, chanting 'PCCW lacks a conscience' and holding signs that said 'PCCW fails to fulfill its social responsibility', television footage showed.

PCCW has cut contractor rates in recent years, forcing the technicians to accept a halving in average monthly salaries of about HK$15,000 ($2,900) since 2002, Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions organiser Wong Chi-wah said in a phone interview.

Mr Wong said the 400 or so workers were on strike for one day.

PCCW said in a statement on Tuesday the proposed cuts aren't final and that negotiations are ongoing.

'There is no basis for strike action when the company has taken no decisions,' the statement said. -- AP

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