Monday, February 2, 2009

Ultimate Gamer reality show by WCG

I'm actually looking forward to this new reality show (even though it's a little bit cheesy and it's blatant advertising for Guitar Hero). It debuts on March 2009 on the Sci-Fi Channel. Participants will challenge each other in multiple games and real-life equivalents to be [cheese]THE ULTIMATE GAMER [/cheese].

I'd like to see some of these games in real-life equivalents :

1. Grand Theft Auto

Need I say more? Car Jacking, Hit a Mob Boss, Have sex with prostitute in your stolen ride.

Bonus point If you don't pay up after sex or somehow get your cash back *wink*

2. Left 4 Dead

Imagine the fun. Throw 4 of them in a zombie infested city like Raccoon City and watch what happens. Now If only there are such things as zombies

3. Duck Hunt

Instead of the dog mocking you every time you miss, get Simon Cowell do to that. At least PETA won't go trigger-happy if anyone 'accidentally' shoots Simon. Okay I'm just being silly here.

4. Ace Combat

Throw those contestants into a F-22 or possibly even the Fokker Tri-Plane with only a quick crash course and see how well they can dog-fight each other. Who knows maybe if they're really good at it they'll be recruited by the army after the show :)

5. Assassin's Creed

An awesome game really. Contestants are required to climb up a watchtower and once they reach the top,they'll need to perform a leap-of-faith and land on a haystack as depicted below :

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