Sunday, March 8, 2009

Serviced at last.

In this post, I'll mostly be rambling about cars (being the typical guy I am). If you're not into these sort of things or your name so happens to be Sam(Kidding :P), I suggest you to skip this.

Was supposed to bring my car in for a checkup at the 10,000 KM mark but when I brought it in the workshop it was already reaching 13,000KM mark. My car's engine oil needed to be changed, the power window was faulty already and I suspect the brakes is wearing out.

So yea...on to the pics :

My baby being lifted up

Seeing it's underneath is heart wrenching. Noticed alot of scratches and ugly scars

Notice the green lines? Turns out the radiator was leaking. Temporary solution : radiator's pipe was re-aligned. Another one of proton's faulty contraptions.

Checking the air filter.

List of things changed/done :

Air filter Oil
Engine Oil (Semi-synthetic)
Spark plugs
Power window switch
Wheel Alignment
idle RPM (Revolutions per minute for the uninitiated) rate re-adjusted for a more comfortable ride

Future plans for car(God knows when) :

Upgrade air-filter to K&N Performance Drop-in filter.
Improved low end power, Less noise / Low Profile

2-way car-security alarm with remote engine start
Able to warm up the engine before I even step in and 2-way alarm warns me if anyone ever touches my baby.

Modify extractor to a 4-2-1 type extractor
Better power at all RPM range.Though weaker end power but good for cruising and street use.

Install strut bars (Fender and 3-point front)
Fender bar strengthens the chassis of the car, so handling is improved (Less body roll hopefully)
3-point front bar improves handling over bumpy roads

A tachometer add-on with shift light indicator (merely for cosmetic purposes)
Merely for self-gratification

Voltage Stabilizer
Improves the fuel consumption and stabilizes the voltage so the lights don't dim when the A/C is turned on

Btw turns out the brakes wasn't faulty. Tyre's grip isn't suitable for my driving style.

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