Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Top 10 most memorable game themes

This list contains some of the most memorable game themes I remember from my early years of gaming.

10. Warcraft 2 : Tides of Darkness Human Theme

The first RTS game I have ever played. This song defined epic at the time. I remember the excitement and fear each time the orcs attacked while this tune was playing.

9. Battle Toads Pause Theme

Most video games when paused have no sound at all, but this one has a catchy beat when you pause the game.

8. Tetris Theme Korobeiniki

I doubt anyone would forget this one.

7. Sonic The Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone Theme

The only entry from the genesis console, though the genesis wasn't famous for it's sound department, this is definitely one of my favorite genesis console themes

6. Mario 3 Overworld 2 Theme

 Mario 3 Overworld 2 Theme by TehWateva

Most would probably disagree with me on this, but I actually liked this one rather than the first one.

5. Zelda Theme Song (Nintendo Entertainment System Version)

Popular and memorable indeed. Most would place this as the best theme ever,but I begged to differ

4. Final Fantasy Prelude Theme

An excellent piece by Nobuo Uematsu, so memorable that it is still being used as every Final Fantasy's prelude. Anyone who follows the series should know this tune.

3. Duck Tales - The Moon Stage Theme

This quote best sums up my feelings : "This tune stands out in my mind as the theme of the eight-bit era. When you listen, you hear a small tune like the left-overs of the video game crash of '83. It gains more momentum with more tunes, and then it explodes just like the NES's popularity by '89." - G1 Sidesmash

2. Street Fighter II - USA Stage Guile's Theme

A very memorable tune, perhaps the only one I truly remember from the Street Fighter series. Reminds me of the button mashing days where the only outcome would be peeled skin and a sore thumb/loser.

Now for the number 1 game theme......

1. Final Fantasy 7 - Aerith's Theme

My all time favorite video game theme,and also one of the saddest one. If you haven't played the game, you just dont understand....

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