Monday, April 27, 2009

#38 Cyberfusion 2009 Lan Party

38. Get into the Guinness World record CHECK

The Goal : Survive 38 hours in the largest and longest Lan Party ever

Definition of a Lan Party :

A LAN party is a gathering in which gamers (devotees of computer games) gather to share a local area network (LAN) and participate in extended gaming sessions of popular games such as Quake, Doom, or Wolfenstein. On a LAN, response time among players is much faster than the same interaction over the Internet, changing the quality of the game. In addition, gamers have the opportunity to meet other participants in the flesh. LAN parties range in size from a few players getting together in a private home to gatherings of over a thousand players converging to participate in a large public event. Large LAN parties often attract corporate sponsorship from hardware and software vendors.

Backpack containing all the necessary items to survive (Or so I thought)

How Murphy's Law came into play :

Lost my beloved G1 mouse while I was checking in my equipments. I suspect they accidentally put my mouse into another contestant's bag and there I was thinking I left it at home. But when I reach home it was already too late.

The registration hall at night(It was goddamn packed earlier on when I arrived) :

Everyone rushing to register for the event.

Setting up the PC.

This is how my area looked like after 14 hours of gaming. Notice the crappy mouse I had to bear with for the entire 38 hours.

And notice how crappy I looked just after 14 hours

And the food that was provided

Where's Ryan? :)

"Your Father" Displaying his awesome driving skills with safety equipments

The countdown timer

How the whole place looked like at night. With disco lights and techno songs being played over and over and over again.

The Prize giving ceremony for the mini-competition,we got 1st place :) . Yes I notice how stoned I looked, alot of people actually commented on that during the event.

During the last leg of the event I was actually starting to lose it, It was during the competition that it became more evident. I thought I was dreaming of playing the game while in actual fact I was playing it. Kind of like how you would think you were waking up from bed and going to brush your teeth but in actual fact you are still sleeping on your bed and you 'wake' up again doing the same routine.

On the 37th hour of the event, we decided to extend the record to 40 hours instead of 38. Though I hesitated for a moment. Eventually we did it and shouts of "Malaysia Boleh" went around.

During the trip back, got lost in Cyberjaya and instead of taking the putrajaya highway, we took the long route as we have no idea where we were and too stoned to ask for directions.

Things that could make it go smoother / Things learned :

1. Lip Balm is a necessary item as my lips got so dry I was bleeding from the lips after the event.
2. Bladder goes very weak from lack of sleep. So a trip to the loo every 15 minutes is inevitable
3. Flu pills is a must, I got the cold on the first night and it ruined most of the fun.
4. Red bulls are awesome. They sponsored nearly 2000 cans of it throughout the event, which was snapped up in 5 minutes every time the red bull dispenser was refilled
5. Buy more snacks and drinks.

And finally the loots gotten :

Notable loots :

Phenom AMD Processor (Quad Core FYI)
Left 4 Dead Mousepad
The Orange Box
Guinness Backpack
Lots of Ubermen care products

And the main prize :

You were right, once in a life-time indeed.

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