Wednesday, April 1, 2009


1. Gatsby Moving Rubber Series "Grunge Mat"
Used when hair is short to medium, able to re-style hair for a few times throughout the whole afternoon

2.Gatsby "Set and Keep Spray"
A "must" item for me, due to my thick natured hair, if this isn't used,hair falls right down easily after 30 minutes or so

3. (Extra set just in case the first one runs out)

4. Gatsby Moving Rubber Series "Wild Shake"
My favorite rubber series, usually used when hair is medium to long. Best result if it is paired with a hair-dryer while styling.

5. Gatsby "Twist & Spike" styling clay
Usually used for finishing touches like some simply textures or even spikes,hard to wash off though

6. Sebastian Xtah Crude Clay
So far the priciest hair product I bought,recommended by many saloons. Haven't really tested this one yet but the hold is great,used as an alternate finishing touch/texture currently.

7. Nivea oil control face wash
This one is gel based,suitable for me as I have a very oily face, under-utilised at the moment

8. Gatsby Wax Mat Type
Never tested this one before,got it from a sample booth, kept it as it looks cute

9. Baby Powder
For that soft-bum finish XD

10. Tongue Cleaner/Scraper

11. Penguin Duck that sprays water
Gotten off from a pastry cake, the counter lady said it was a dolphin

12. Dettol Hand Wash
A must have, after fooling around with the hair products,you'll feel like you've been playing with plasticine

Okay,now it's your turn.