Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Pet - Logitech G9

Lost my beloved mouse recently at the Lan Party. I think the staff put it in the wrong bag while I was checking in my equipment. It was time to move on anyway.

So a trip to Lowyat Plaza and bought :

A microsoft mouse!

Nah, It's Logitech. The irony.

The mouse itself has another interchangeable body to fit my preferences. I prefer the wide body as I have a huge right hand. Able to tune the mouse's weight to suit playing style (Light weight for quick response and heavy weight for sniping sessions). Not to mention on-the-fly DPI adjustment up to 5 type of speeds. Definitely the best gaming mouse out there at the moment. Did I mention that there is 7 keys on the mouse? Not counting the DPI adjustment buttons


devilwearsprada said...

thats is so cool....

Iced Nyior said...

nice mouse. how much was it?