Monday, April 27, 2009

Steamboat Session @ Sri Petaling Pt. 2

Continued from :

Kinda forgotten about this and only remembered about it while browsing thru my photo folders.

Ducky apologises for the late update.

Right so after the Steamboat Session we decided to head over to The Store for a short walk :

Amber and Annie fooling around with the teddy bears

She's actually choking it. I've been on the receiving end before. While Amber on the other side, is trying to break it's furry ribs

My purchase :

I remember using these during my primary years, could not resist picking this up for the nostalgia. I still remember using these during an exam once and I was on the last piece of lead reloads and suddenly the lead went in. I think it was banned shortly after some students decided that it was better used as a booby-trap for unsuspecting teachers *Smirks*

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