Saturday, May 23, 2009

4 Happy Seasons Restaurant @ Wangsa Maju

So I've heard about this place from several sources, about the unique 'season' themes / atmosphere and after getting bugged several times to visit the establishment by the woman I decided to give-in to the request. So off we went to far-away land and after getting lost 3-4 times (which was brought by her sister,god help these women in showing the way) we finally reached the place. We picked the winter theme. And was I ever so dissapointed :

From this picture the place looks very appealing, but if you went there for yourself you'll see that the lights projected isn't as fancy as it looks,unless you tried really hard and squint your eyes (then again if you're resorting to this,you're better off believing that the local mamak is actually Starbucks. The whole room is only powered by 7 air-conditioners. I'll go as far as saying that this is quite a cold place, but not as cold as the winter I perceived it to be. I could go on,but I don't want to be labeled as a hard sell.

Quote from company website :

We are different because we are…

…A specially conceptualized restaurant with a specific theme
…A restaurant with settings designed in a four-season theme
…A restaurant with a strong emphasis on design
…A restaurant that projects a sense of happiness
…A restaurant that highlights the many colourful cultures of Malaysia
"…An exquisite restaurant that is elegant without the exorbitant prices"

I begged to differ! First of all the food wasn't good and the pricing was exorbitant. I ordered a plate of fried rice and frankly the local fried rice I have at the food courts are way better. It just does not justify the price. RM10+- The serving wasn't generous either :
Looks good. But lacked in taste.

Looks good too, but you don't want to try the balls. Seriously.

All in all, if you're staying in KL and looking for a way to spend an evening with about 20+- dollars per head and want to go out of your way for food, this is definitely not the place to go, I would recommend Rendezvous Steak House / Taman Bukit saga / Kaki-Corner, Unless you're planning to blow it on bad food.


Anonymous said...

You really not the eating kaki, the place was so nice, is ok, u not the kaki crowd that the restaurant want, u better go to roadside mamak and eat roti canai

Anonymous said...

well done , four happy season....

Ryan said...

Anonymous : well there, who are you to judge my views when you yourself can't be bothered to prove to me that you're a 'kaki crowd' that you claim to be? And don't let me get started on their service. I had to wait 30 minutes for my fried rice even after numerous reminders to the waiters.

And I think I miss the part where they specifically mentioned that they want 'kaki crowd' ? I tried looking over at their website but couldn't find anything related. Mind pointing me to the right direction?

walker in KL said...

Ryan, i support u..
4 Happy Season's foods and beverages are suck! Not even me, all of my frens and classmates aso dislike tis restaurant!

Anonymous, I think u really not a eating suck u aso say good.. rubbish and shit u aso taste is good? U r a fool..don't judge ppl ok..