Sunday, May 17, 2009

Murphy's Law at its finest moments.

It was friday night and I was rushing to Damansara to meet up with Chloe for dinner, but on my way out I noticed that I have left my wallet with my brother, so I drove to Shamelin to get my wallet back. Strike one.

Ended up 40 minutes late. After that we headed to a pub in Damansara to see Chloe's Instructor's Band performance. Only when we reached I remembered I needed to withdraw some cash, so no worries I thought, I saw an RHB bank right at the end of the street when we came in.

Off I went to the atm machine,and right when I reached the steps,the whole building's power went off in total darkness. Strike Two.

Alright maybe it was a mere coincidence I thought,walked back to the pub and had a few drinks. Then decided to head over to the atm machine again.

No luck, still having power outage, so happens the bank was just next to the main highway road and I noticed there was a Shell petrol station at the other side of the highway with atm machine access. But to make it across I needed to take this dark and dodgy pedestrian bridge further away from the station as the divider was really high which made it impossible to jump thru.

Upon reaching the petrol station, the door was chained and blocked off and the worker inside refused to give me access as they mentioned it was closed. Wtf. Strike Three - Out

Just then I noticed directly across the petrol station was a Maybank ATM Machine branch, which was unnoticeable if you were on the same side of the road as the building itself was hidden. It was like angels chorusing a glorious "Alleluyah" to me.

In end I needed to walk back across via the dodgy pedestrian bridge and finally was able to withdraw some cash. Lesson learned, withdraw huge amount of cash and leave it at home to avoid any unecessary troubles.

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