Monday, May 11, 2009


Quote taken from forum :

quality of life? honestly i can tell you yes and no. it depends ont he person

while australia offers a higher pay and cheaper so on for certain things and due to their higher exchange rate, cheaper % of income products but when one mentions quality of life is largely debatable to each individual.

see aus is unlike what a lot of people precieve it to be, people thinkt aht they can come here and be "malaysian" which is really retarded. you do earn more in some sense however you have near 0 outside life, mamak? dream about it, late night shopping/movie? lol you can hope for it. while you can own more toys and so on you spend most of your time at home.

aussie life is about staying at home with the family or just chilling with friends, they dont do anything really. they just chill. so if thats a better quality then yes come over, but if you are the guy who wakes up and must waste each min of this time doing something this place will kill you.

I am so tempted.

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