Saturday, June 13, 2009

Facial Hairs whatnots.

About a month ago, the misses issued me a challenge. To not shave for a month. Being the foolhardy "Yes Man" that I am, I accepted it.

2 weeks into the dare, she was regretting it already (frequent mustache facial hair attacks are fun). And literally begged me to shave it off. But was politely declined by me.

I've noticed several advantages to having a mustache :

1. You do not get bothered by sales person as much
2. You'll look way 'manlier'
3. Prevents lipstick mark on lips (See disadvantage 3.)
4. You'll look sexier (Depending on how well you can pull if off, and not forgetting 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder')

And there are disadvantages as well :

1. You'll look 'hamsap' depending on the stage of the moustache growth
2. The missus will hate you (And her sister too)
3. To expand point 2. :You won't score as much either.
4. Little children would want to touch your moustache

3 weeks of growth.

And finally a month went by. And the shaving commences, followed by a ton of affection afterward :


After :

I think I miss having a moustache :(

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κՅղԵ ՉհՃղ said...

Not much different also with or without~