Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nintendo E3 Press Conference 2009

I was kind of disappointed by Nintendo's press conference. And to top it off, I almost fell asleep in the middle of it,I think it was due to the reason that they were hoping to market it to a younger group of people and also casual gamers. But FFS, how am I suppose to feel excited about games like "Woman's Murder Club Games of Passion" (some novel'ish game for the DS) , some ultimate slumber party sh*t on the wii and some fashion game for little girls? Here are some of the things that were announced which got my attention :

Super Mario Bros. Wii

Right, go on milking the franchise till it's last drop Nintendo. Basically this is a 4 player version of the original side-scrolling game. You can either choose Mario, Luigi, Bluetoad, or Yellowtoad. With an additional power-up called the 'propeller suit' which gives the player the ability to fly when you shake your Wiimote. The game itself looks chaotic but I'm sure it'll be fun for a few hours during those get-togethers.

Wii motion plus add-on

An add-on to the wiimote that enhances the trace motions of the wiimote. They probably have not seen Project Lionhead coming. Nintendo even showed a demo of the motion plus in action with a Basketball match and an archery demo (Which is still random in terms of aiming if you ask me.) I'm not being biased but when the person who is supposed to be familiar with the peripheral keeps scoring low marks on archery, you know something is wrong.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on DS

Uhm, Yay, Another game that appeals the girls. And it's on the DS. Another reason for girls to own a DS. Come to think of it, majority of the DS's library is either cooking, novel style or casual games.

You know what,from now on, Anyone who owns a DS will be called girly names regardless of his or her gender.

Apparently Nintendo isn't content with just one Mario release :

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Poor mario, when will they let you retire gracefully? Well there's another Mario release as well for the DS, Bowser's inside story. But that is all for now.

P.S. Ryan was in hunger when this article was written. And It was 5am. Looking forward to some kaya toast right now ;3

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