Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sony E3 2009 Press Conference

I'm pretty pleased with this one. And for the record. Finger crossing does work nyehe.


Kaz Hirai nicknamed it 'the worst kept secret of E3'. Due to the fact that the prototype was leaked out months ago. Specs wise it's 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the first PSP. It comes with 16GB memory and a slot of memory sticks. Though further reports says that it doesn't have the mini-usb port it's previous predecessors used to have. Also it doesn't take UMDs.

Gran Turismo PSP!

Kazanouri Tamauchi from Polyphony Digital walked on stage to talk about the new GTPSP. It runs on solid sixty frames per second! Features over 800 cars with thirty-five tracks with sixty different variation(Day,Night,Reverse,Raining etc I Guess) Finally an official Gran Turismo for the PSP. I'll stop playing the emulated version of GT2 on PSP now.

Assassins Creed 2

Gameplay footage revealed. It's stunning, I would definitely get it once it is released. Just watch the trailer. Also I love how it's set in the renaissance era. Though the familiar voice of Altair (The main character from the first game) wasn't there.

Final Fantasy


FFXIII announced to be released on Spring 2010. Also they announced FFXIV will also be released the same year and it's console exclusive to the Playstation 3. Also it's an MMO and a PC version will also be released soon after. I'll pass this one up, I don't really fancy games which require you to grind. If I wanted grind, I would have taken up a second job. Seriously. Though I must admit that after FF9, I pretty much didn't play any of the newer series as it felt like another RPG stapled with the Final Fantasy name. I wouldn't mind a remake of FF7 for the PS3 though.

Gran Turismo 5

Awesome,though still no announcement date,at least it's good to know it's still in development (Unlike Duke Nukem forever,which was declared dead after nearly waiting for 10 years). My hands are itching for a PS3 now.

God Of War III live demo

Wasn't really a fan of God of War series, but from this gameplay video. Wow, I would get this game if I'm ever getting a PS3.

Well that's it for the press conference post. Will be back to regular post after this one. Until the next major conference that is.

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