Friday, July 31, 2009

Meh. (2009 is a bad year)

3 accidents/incidents within half a year. Can't wait for 2009 to be over, hoping that everything will be going uphill from the second half onwards. Lady luck, I am waiting for your smile.

1st Accident

Happened right at Murni, while on the way home.

Yea, side door got pretty fucked up. Luckily no replacement needed, just some heavy duty markup and paintjob. But 2 weeks later the battery died while I was on the way to the clinic (which by the way is a story of it's own. Waited 2 hours for the doctor while he's on house-call but still unavailable.) had to trouble my cousin to bring a replacement magma battery down all the way to where I am.

2nd Incident

Happened right ouside my condo's guardhouse.

CD Player got stolen along with my CD albums. Additionally, the rear window got smashed and the thief left some blood stains on one of my ducks. Replaced rear mirror but still looking for 2nd hand CD Player. Well at least my ducks are still there.

3rd Incident

Happened at Midvalley's parking lot.

Just finished work and was in a good mood to have breakfast. Only to find my front bumper
getting screwed. Irony is that there is a CCTV directly on top of my parking spot. So first thing I did was to go to security and reported this. People were extremely helpful there, even sent their supervisor over to snap a picture of the place and car but all of it went to a halt when I went to the police station to report the incident. Was told that I needed to go all the way to Petaling Street to report this incident as it wasn't under their jurisdiction. Somehow I'm not surprised at their efficiency. Oh and the station opened only 1 hour after the stated time.


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