Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shopping Splurges.

Street Fighter IV for the PC
Got this game out of impulse as I needed something to occupy myself during one of the weekends. After a few hours of gameplay, It's absolutely brilliant! From the new fighting system to the character combos! Only drawback is that I couldn't spend as much time as I'd like on the game at the moment. If you're a fan of the first three series. This is a MUST HAVE game. If you do get the game, do add me up on GFWL "Tehwateva".

Koss AVR 100V (AVR as in Active Voltage Regulator)
Gotten this to protect my Desktop and Speakers from voltage spikes. Gotten info that a couple of owners of the Logitech Z-5500 got their fuse blown out due to thunderstorms so it's better safe than sorry. Unfortunately the voltage in my place isn't really that stable and that causes the AVR to make a "clicking" noise everytime the voltage changes, which is like...once every 10 seconds or so. Thus this has been bothering my sleep lately but I've adapted to it so far. I think this feature is only in the higher end "digital" model. Should have picked the cheaper "analogue" version. Meh.

Apacer AM500 Memory Card Reader
I was never a fan of external card readers and always thought internal card readers was the way to go to save space and faster speed (due to direct internal wirings) but after having some problems installing a china-branded internal card reader i've decided to ditch the idea. Then I stumbled across an article from uncle Ianho here and snagged this item immediately during one of my visits to Lowyat Plaza. Tested the transfer speed with my cam's memory card and the performance was superb! Much faster than using the USB transfer cable.

Sonic Gear Travel and Share Pack Ear Phones
Another impulsive purchase, I liked how it came with the nifty travel pack bag as well as additional adapters for dual earphones and flight adapter. Sound quality wise, no issue with it. Can't tell the difference anyways between a 100 dollar set with a 1000 dollar set as I don't have a set of bionic ears :P

And finally.

Logitech Kinetik 15.4 Briefcase

Have been eye'ing this model for more than a year (frequent google'ing and bugging peers overseas to help get it) but unfortunately this model wasn't available in Malaysia (not to my knowledge at least) so naturally when I saw this bag in Lowyat plaza, I knew I HAD to get it. And furthermore the price was cheaper than I expected it. So off I went to get gather my loose changes and to the bank to get it counted :

To my surprise, the amount was 80% of the amount needed to get that bag. Extra note, this bag isn't used to carry a laptop around but instead is used as a working bag with all my gadgets stored inside :P. One of the reason I've gotten this is the generous amount of pockets and slots for all kinds of items (Digital Camera, phone, medipacks, etc)

So yea, this concludes the list of gadgets and games i've purchased recently

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