Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vivo Pizza or Papa Johns @ Times Square ?

So if you're ever at Berjaya Times Square and have the urge for pizza you'll be hit with two choices. Vivo Pizza or the recently established Papa Johns. But you can find the usual Pizza Hut and Domino establishments at Sungai Wang (which is like a 10 minutes walking distance from Berjaya Times Square)

First off, this is what you'll get if you order the 2 person set at Papa Johns :

You'll get 2 cups of carbonated drinks,Bread sticks with Garlic+Pizza Sauce as dips and the pizza itself. During my last visit, I picked the Chicken Super Papa's flavor as pictured above. IMO the pizza sauce is awesome and so is the crust but the toppings wasn'tt really that good. Which is a pity as the pizza sauce was really really good. So good that they even offer it as a dip for the bread sticks. Which I wouldn't mind ordering it as a take-away whenever I'm at Times Square. Though I've only been to this place once, I shall give it another go the next round and test another flavour.

Price : RM26.90 before Tax

Vivo Pizza :

As for Vivo Pizza, they don't actually have a set meal but if you order their All Time Favourite Pizzas, they throw in a free fruit juice for you (as pictured below). Which is the exact servings as Papa Johns. Taste wise. To date I've been to this place twice and tried the seafood and BBQ chicken pizza and both of them did not disappoint me. The BBQ sauce was good and the seafood was fresh. Though the crust wasn't as good as Papa Johns.

Price : RM15.90 for a 6 piece pizza and a fruit drink

Conclusion :

Price wise. Vivo Pizza is cheaper and offers more choices in their menu in terms of variety and flavors. They have pasta and panini as well. As well as some tempting desserts like the Volcanic Chocolate with Ice-Cream. But I can't decide which is better as each have their own specialty. So yea, I would alternate between the two establishment instead of sticking to just one. But it is definitely better than Pizza Hut and Domino. I await for delivery services to be announced.

P.S. The author wasn't paid to advertise for either establishment but would gladly accept any voucher/monetary/meal offers to re-evaluate said establishments mentioned in the article.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. I am a regular at pizza joints but actually head off to pizza joint at Vivopizza because I like The Curve and the fleamart. Vivopizza is located on the first floor and provides a great view of the whole flea mart activity.
Been following Vivo since they opened in 2004 at Curve and have been to Berjaya, JB, Tropicana Mall and most recently at 1U. My all time favorite is the baked rice, followed by the chicken chop, chicken wings and their desserts. Have also tasted Papa Johns as well but did find them to be pricey. I chose Vivo because they were one of the first to offer thin crust dough and also real mini pizzas which we can share below 10 ringgit. And their power juices are really made fresh.