Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Malacca Trip ( Part 1) Jonker Dessert 88

Just what I needed, a holiday retreat. Which was decided at a spur of a moment, made a reservation at The Baba House's website and luckily they accepted cash as the credit card I've applied with got rejected. Shall elaborate more on the rooms in the next post or so.

Though I've never really driven out of KL before (except for Genting) thus my knowledge on road directions to Malacca was very little(or none at all)

But how do you get somewhere if you don't know the way? Easy :

Men's best travelling companion for the 20th century
Garmin Nuvi 310 GPS Navigator

Day 1
The journey :

The drive wasn't long but upon passing the Malacca toll was 20kilometres of straights which was ruined by endless traffic lights one after another. Which took quite a while to get thru. Don't bother trying to run the red lights,you'll be stopped by another one just half a km away.

First picture taken upon arrival

"Woo look at us,we're aware of the swine flu" which ended up not being worn after the first day due to the heat and breathing difficulties. So much for prevention heh?

The main highlights of the trip :

Yes, have been dying to try out the famous chendol with the much praised 'gula' Malacca. Though the shop itself is quite cramped (the entrance even more so), it wasn't stuffy but rather cooling. Which makes a good place to stop by and rest our foot.

Their menu :
Baba Durian Chendol :
Baba Chendol :
When I had my first bite I wasn't expecting the gula Malacca to be that thick, reminded me of Mcdonald's Chocolate Sundae. But in short, it's awesome. Definitely in the list of "Things to try" for every Malacca trip. It's different from the chendol that I'd normally get from Sri Petaling. The durian topping didn't feel weird, blended just nicely with the chendol.

Really really old Vinyl records of artist I don't even know or have even glimpse of before. Sadly did not chance upon any antique ducks or it's equivalent.

Shops after shops selling souvenirs, but rather unattractive as every shop seem to be selling the same things.


Item of interest spotted!

Wanted to pose a picture with the statue but the woman ran away after I suggested it.
Loads of people waiting in line to try the chicken rice ball.

To be continued..

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