Monday, October 5, 2009

Malacca Trip (Part 3) Night Life / Geographer's Cafe

Part 3. Day 1

After a nice nap, went out to Jonker's again for dinner and some sightseeing.

Dim sum offerings which consisted mostly of Siew Mais.

Hand crafted transformers/predator look-alikes

Ordered a bowl of Durian Cendol for dinner at an unknown Coffee shop :Yea, doesn't look nor taste that good as 88.

After dinner it was still early so decided to drive out and sight see and ended up at Eye's on Malacca/Malaysia?

Some shots taken with 4-5 seconds exposure set in

The wheel won't stand still :(

Drove around Malacca town after that and the streets was really really empty. So after 30 minutes of wandering, went back to Jonker's and sat down at Geographer's Cafe for a drink. As recommended by Chloe

Had a nice environment to it but unfortunately the performance by the singer was so-so. Though the background music in between his breaks were Jazz based. He sang mostly 70-80's/current songs. Some of which like "Johnny B. Good", "Words by Bee Gees", and other obscure songs which I'm not familiar with. Oh and there was "I'm Yours by Jason Mraz" too, but couldn't recognize it until he got to the chorus. Was really hoping for some live jazz performances though.

Price of drinks were normal (RM50 for a bucket), finished the whole bucket myself as she doesn't drink much and ended up getting tipsy. Stumbled back to the baba house after the place was nearing closing time. And saw a group of people at the entrance of the inn spamming the doorbell.

Door was locked after midnight and they couldn't figure out a way to get in. Which I kindly showed them by using the hotel key-cards to open the main doors, with a complimentary grin.

Went straight to bed after getting into the room and slept like a pig after that, not realising that I bruised my kneecaps after an ankward fall while we were walking back to our room.

End of day 1.

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