Friday, October 23, 2009

Malacca Trip (Part 4) A' Famosa Animal World

Part 4. Day 2

Woke up a bit late with an injured kneecap and drove straight to A' Famosa Animal World after brunch. Granted it's a bit far from town but it's worth the trip. Read on.

Entrance Fee : RM35 for adults , RM25 for Kids

Prices quoted above are for Malaysians only. And they make you buy their lunch vouchers for an additional RM12.

Greeted by lazy staffs at the entrance. Hmpfh :

And thus the search for anatidae begins!

"No sorry, we're psittacines."

Perhaps it's inside here

"Nope, only us chicks here. Try somewhere else"

Third times the charm?
"No I'm not a duck" said Mr Geese in a pissed tone and walked away

Mr Pony Mr Pony, can you tell me where I can find some ducks?

"Of course! Just over there" said Mr Pony

"Thanks!" I said to Mr Pony and I ran as fast as I could to the other side

Okay, I shall end the lame story telling tone.

An eager beaver.

If you look closely, one of them is actually biting the rear.

Horsing around

Most laid back look ever.

A word of warning, never ever feed the sheeps.

If you look closely at this picture, there's a hoof mark near my tummy.

Do not give in to their deceiving looks

And of course, some camwhoring with the girlfriend :

(I'm so gonna get killed for this)

Okay,there are tons of other pictures not shown here but will be uploaded to my facebook profile sometime soon.

When we were done, it was almost 7pm and we made our way to the shops to grab some souvenirs.

Free picture taken with a snake if you spend above RM50 on souvenirs :

"Smile for the camera woman!"
"But but but...."

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