Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Malacca Trip (Part 5) Sea Terrace and Pork Satay

Part 5. Day 2

Took a nap after A' Famosa Animal World and went for dinner at the Portuguese Settlement. Which took quite awhile as the GPS didn't know that some of the route changed due to constructions. Upon reaching the settlement we headed straight to Store number 1 :

GPS Coordinates : N 02° 10' 58.0"
E 102° 15' 59.0"

Grill Fish in Portuegese Sauce 500g MYR22.50

I never knew that the Portuguese sauce here is way different from the ones I've tried before at KL. Furthermore this isn't as oily as the 'famous' one at Midvalley Oasis nor is it as spicy as the latter.

Otak Otak in Portuguese Sauce MYR10

Recommended dish, a generous amount of rice needed to go with the otak otak.

Sambal Prawns MYR18

Just so-so, Had better ones somewhere else. Not really recommended

Fried Squid Fritters MYR9

You can never go wrong with these

Definitely a must go place when visiting Malacca. They have other dishes as well but unfortunately I was too full to have more. Shall visit this place again on my next Malacca Trip.

End of Day 2.

Day 3.

Woke up early and hungry. Looked for breakfast at Jonker Street as the inn didn't provide us with free breakfast on the 3rd Day. And to my discovery, majority of the coffee shops / food places weren't open yet, Malaccan's don't fancy having breakfast huh? But fortunately managed to find this place open :

Like i've said before, this place beats Hoe Kee by a mile.

The cutting doesn't look as nice as Hoe Kee but sure taste alot better.

Asked around for recommendations on where to get good pork satay and this friendly uncle selling hand-made keychains gave us directions on this hidden shop right beside Jonker street :

Lung Ann Restaurant

GPS Coordinates : N 02° 11.752' E 102° 14.955'


Taste wise, was really different from the chicken/beef variety I've tasted before, it's alot drier and the sauce uses pineapple instead of nuts. Open mindedness needed.

After lunch, went back to the Inn to pack all our belongings and have a quick shower before checking out.

To be continued.

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