Sunday, January 17, 2010


Oh Hey, Haven't been blogging for months I know, just feeling kinda 'meh' and seem enjoy the solitude. So here's a rundown on my thoughts and whatnots that I've been meaning to share.

Paranormal Activity

It's different from your normal horror flick, don't really hate it and thinks it's disturbing on some levels (when you try to relate to it). The anticipation slowly builds up. Not suitable for the 'ohiwantghostinmuhfacequickbeforeidieofboredom' kind of crowd. Also the lead character is admirable, a douche' bag but still admirable on how he is quick on defending his other half. Though the approach most of the time is 'come out and we'll duke it out with my fist'. The whole movie is recorded with a handheld but what makes this different from cloverfield is the use of a TRIPOD.

Christmas Present : A Car Audio Player from Sony
Finally a replacement for my car ever since mine got jacked. Considering to change my current stock speakers for a better one when my budget allows it

Bought a Wii and the Rock Band set and have been jamming since. From Beatles to Greenday. Now If I could just find some people to jam with.

Bought more games than I could play during Steam's Christmas Sale.

A great movie, though it sends out the wrong message. Eg. : If you stick your thing into something forcibly, it's yours.

Got a new phone to replace my current one. Love it, able to sync my contact list with my facebook profiles and get any updates straight to my phone. Come's with twitter and youtube integration. Signed up for data plan and became a twitter-addict.


brilliant. Love the innovative puzzles and storyline. Loved it, money well spent.

Deleted all my facebook game apps. Don't like the idea of the developers selling my info and profile to other companies for cash. Also I find it weird how anyone could find taking care of virtual fishes in an aquarium to be fun. then again some people seem to enjoy twilight.

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