Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello World.

Here I am again, sitting at the office in the morning waiting for time to pass.

No, didn't take any time off during the Chinese new year. Couldn't resist the extra pay.

Also I turn 22 today. Didn't celebrate or organize anything this year. As luck would have it,everyone is out of town this week.

Didn't really looked forward to my birthdays much since young TBH. Though I was rather envious of others who got a party in their honor, but no. My parents weren't the ones who'd serve us everything we wanted on a silver platter. We had to earn it our self if we wanted anything.

When I was young, every year on this day, would just be a wistful thinking that I would get something and it was just around the corner,waiting for me.

Though most of the time, it'll just be another ordinary day.

Now that I'm much older, I can afford whatever things I want. To a certain extent that is :)

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devilwearsprada said...

party is cool when u have fun! get urself a parrtierr....