Saturday, February 20, 2010

Torned between choices

Currently deciding which games to get next month, as I've decided to only get one game on alternate months for the PS3. Thus I've narrowed down 3 games which I'd like to get at the moment. Two of which will be released in the middle of March and the remainder is already in retail.

Watched the preview trailer from E3 2009 last year and got hooked in, Epic boss battles and fluid fighting style with some mini-games sex scenes thrown in. Is there anything else to say? Haven't played earlier series but will probably get to it since they released a remastered "HD" version of it for the PS3

"Want" rating : 6/10

This wouldn't be on my list if I didn't play the demo, basically this game is like watching a movie,except that the gameplay is based on 'quick-time events' which requires you to press/hold the buttons displayed on the screen and every wrong/right sequence will give you a different scenario. The story evolves around a few characters searching for the 'origami killer' each with their own agenda/motivation. A father determined to protect his child from the origami killer, An FBI investigator struggling with substance abuse (I think), A private investigator hired by the victim's family and a mysterious woman with no connection whatsoever.

"Want" rating : 8/10

No surprise here, have been a fan of the FF series since FFVI but stopped at FFIX as I did not own a PS2 console at that time.

"Want" Rating : 7.5/10

Any other suggestions will be welcomed, the only other games I own at the moment is Uncharted 2 and Bayonetta

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