Friday, March 5, 2010

A day off.

Today, was a productive day. Kinda.

Woke up around 11 and drove to Times Square. Went to the arcade as I've got some tokens left from the last visit. Going there used to be fun, but now it's just depressing. Most of the machines are falling apart, there's no crowd, just the regulars camping at their favorite machines.

Went to Amoda after finishing up the tokens to get a cable replacement for my X-Pal unit. The cable cost 30 bucks. Shall remind myself not to lose these things ever again.

Headed to Lowyat plaza after that to discuss about the Logitech Bag I sent for warranty on January. Apparently the suppliers do not have stock for a new one so I was given a choice to pick a different brand/model at the same price. Wasn't too happy about that though, I loved that bag! So I decided not to get a different one but instead opted to purchase a new HDD :

As for the Logitech Bag, I think I'll wait until there's another one. Of that I'm sure.

Also. bought a CoolerMaster HDD device module as I'm running out of physical HDD space for my casing. The module converts 3 5.25" bay into 4 HDD bays :

Went home soon after as it was going to rain. Dismantled the casing and it took me 3 hours to finally put everything back together along with the new module. The installation only takes 1 hour, but the PC wouldn't start up after that so I had to dismantle the cables and diagnose the issue, plugging and unplugging back and forth. Turns out the problem was due to loose RAM stick. FML

The front

How it looks in the inside

HDD sucessfully installed.

This is how the back of my PC looks like. A cable nightmare.

The insides gutted.

And the final result :

Productive day indeed.

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