Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good morning Katamari.

Ever since Mcdonald's started giving out this free Sausage Mcmuffin with egg voucher, I have been waking up wayyy earlier than I used to.

Katamari Forever

Bought this game at out of impulse as it was on promotion. Fastest shipping service ever. Ordered on Saturday and arrived on Monday morning.

Katamari is a third-person puzzle-action game that requires you to roll up objects with a magical and very adhesive ball, called Katamari. You start small by rolling up small objects and as you collect more objects, your katamari grows bigger from the objects collected and you'll be able to roll up bigger objects. In some levels, you can roll the entire planet away :

Rather enjoyable in small douses but my advise is not to play it more than 2 hours in one sitting.

Did you know that this game was intended to be a comment on consumer culture? The game's creator Keita Takahashi revealed at a conference :

"I wanted to make more objects. If there are few objects, I feel lonely. If there are more objects, they will make things more colourful. But when they're rolled up, they're gone. I felt empty," he said.

"I feel the same way about the disposable society. I think I successfully expressed my cynical stance towards the consumption society by making Katamari - but still I felt empty when the objects were gone."

That explains why I'm fascinated with this game, it reflects on my splurging habits. Trying to get all the things I want but still feel empty after awhile and trying to fill that void by buying more things and the cycle continues.

Also the game has a catchy theme song :

Bought this game on a first day release. Gameplay wise, was initially disappointed as the mechanics was like any other generic J-RPG. But 2-3 hours in, as more options and gameplay got unlocked and I was getting into it.

Unlike it's predecessors, you do not need to assign commands to your every character but instead you assign them with 'roles' (Medic/Commander/Supporter) which performs specific task like healing,buffing,attacking and they'll automatically act on their own according to their roles.

You'll also be able to change to different set of roles via "Paradigm shift"

Though sometimes the graphics can be a bit overwhelming during the battle as it's not turn-based but runs on "ATB". So expect to see a lot of things happening during a battle.

Graphic wise. Superb as expected from a Final Fantasy game but I can't help but notice Lightning's hair is below-par. It was rather static in every scene especially noticeable in cutscenes.

As for the characters, there's two which I'd like to point out. But here's the lead protagonist :


The female version of Cloud Strife / Squall Leonhart. Rather cold but I'm sure there's a soft-side of her which hasn't been revealed yet. I'm looking forward to see if she has any love-interest. Which is mandatory for all Final Fantasy series so far. (FF7 has a love-triangle while FF8 is based on the development between the ballad Squall and Rinoa)

Snow Villiers.

First off, this is suppose to be one of the lead characters and the story revolves around him but everytime I try to 'get into' the storyline I can't help but to think of the word douchebag. Mainly due to his bandana and trenchcoat. Which baffles me as to why the character developer would do this, seems like a trend though. Is there something I missed in Japanese cultures? Like are guys who dress like that all the rage for Japanese teens?

Try to take a look at the lead characters all the way from FF7 to the current one and you'll notice the downward spiral :

Cloud Strifemare from FFVII

Squall Leonhart from FFVIII

Zidane Tribal from FFX (the spiral begins)

Tidus from FFX

Vaan from FFXII

Hope Estheim

Can't stand this kid. He goes emo at the slightest things. Though I can't say if it'll continue on as I'm only less than halfway thru the game. But that's enough emo for me. I can't help but tell him to suck it up and stfu.

A must buy if you're a fan of the franchise. Currently priced at RM170-180 for Region 3. Expect to pay more if you're getting Region 1. Which does not have any difference except for some achievements and the box-art.


conan_cat said...


i want it so badly. been playing since ffv to ffxii, and don't own a ps3 (yet) to play ffxiii.

will wanna get it soon enough. :P

Ryan said...

What are you waiting for?! Go get one now! Get the FF13 themed PS3 if you're a fan :P