Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street review

Had the chance to catch the Freddy last night at his first screening. Or otherwise known as Nightmare on Elm Street.


On to the review;

Plot, the high school kids of Elm Street find themselves having nightmares of being stalked by a badly burned man with razor sharp knives attached to his right hand. One of them gets killed while falling asleep and slowly they unravel who this burned man is.

First peeve,they gave Freddy a different back story, in the original movie, he was a child murderer who killed around 20 children a decade earlier.The newer one gave a much more tame but cliche'd backstory.

Freddy is played by Jackie Earley Haley this time around instead of the original actor Robert Englund (A role which he was best at). No issues with that though, Jackie's performance of Freddy was great, though it was somewhat limited by the dullness and predictability of the movie. If only he had more things to worth with, like more bodycounts for one.

At times I was struggling to keep awake for the very different reasons.

The movie lacks the creative kills the original had. Sure Freddy looks much gruesome now, but that wasn't enough for me.

Overall I would give this movie a 4/10. Only watch if you've never seen or heard of the original one.

Oh did I mention that this remake was produced by Michael Bay? The same person who bludgeoned the Transformers movie. Which explains the different storyline.

I fear a sequel.

edit : Additional note, I also noticed that none of the swear words or any scenes have been taken out.


devilwearsprada said...

this movie was stated no cut scene. and was PG 13. it sound weird to me. since u said its not scary at all....i think better dun watch. haha!

Ryan said...

Yea, better go for another movie

κՅղԵ ՉհՃղ said...

Might as well wait for the pirated DVD~

SowYau said...

Dude, you seems always have free movie passes. I envy you! :p