Sunday, June 20, 2010

Microsoft E3 2010 Press Conference

Might be a bit late but what the hell :P. First off I missed the live news conference this year due to work commitments. But it's all good as I've watched the replays instead. So without any further delay (Albeit a good 3-4 days). Here are some of the announcement that piqued my interest :

Microsoft's Press conference highlights;

Xbox360 slim


Was expecting a newer revision of the 360 console but didn't expect it to be this sexy. As the name itself says, it's slimmer and smaller than the previous version, comes with 802.11n Wireless adapter and built in custom removable hard drive.

Shall put this and the next item on my wish list. Priced at $299 for 250GB and it is already available in the US by now. And hopefully after conversion there won't be any heavy tax imposed on this.

The people who attended the Microsoft news conference will get the new 360 slim console for free. Lucky buggers

Project Natal is now Kinect


Microsoft's trump card. Previously mentioned on last year's E3, they have renamed it as Kinect. So this time around, they showed some technical demos on what it could do;

1. Navigating with no controllers.

You're able to login to your Xbox live account with just a wave. Kinect has facial recognition software built in. Navigating around requires no controller and is done via hand gestures as well.

Or you could do it via voice command.

2. Games that requires no controller.

Kinect Dance Central

Now this is something I am really interested in. Learning some dance moves in the comforts and Privacy of my own four walls.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved

The 'fitness' game from Microsoft's side. Haven't tried Nintendo's Fitness board but IMO this would be much better as instead of just calculating your weight, Kinect will be able to calculate your height/body measurements via Ubisoft's proprietary Player Projection technology :

Your shape

There are other Kinect exclusive games as well but not really as interesting as the ones above. Though Kinectanimals is rather cutesy but will wait out and see the full list of animals they have.

Metal Gear Solid : Rising

This game was mentioned on last year's E3 and this time round they finally showed us some gameplay.

Not a fan of the MGS series but this one took my attention due to it's cool swordplay combat system.

That's all the highlights from Microsoft's side. Next post will be on Sony's Press Conference and then Nintendo.

To be continued.


adrian said...

Watched MS and Sony conference. I would say, Sony conference is way better than boring MS. I like the way Sony do presentation.

Personally, Kinect not yet impress me due to the game. Is quite hard as without controller for a true gamer.

Voice recognise.....can it be a true family game from young to old like Wii?

Based on demo, Move is much better than Kinect. Kinect have the technology compare with Move that have the same as Wii but I would prefer Move.

Well see how is the game developer do for Kinect.a

Ryan said...

Yea, there isn't much good games for the kinect yet but there is potential IMO.

As for Move, it still feels like a Wii but with better graphics.