Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sony E3 2010 Press Conference

A tad bit late as usual but nyeh

Highlights :

Assassin's Creed brotherhood

Can't wait to get my hands on it, although I haven't even played through the 2nd game yet.

Little Big Planet 2

The demo didn't really impress me, I'm reminded of Raving Rabbids TV HD, and with sackboys as the characters instead. The main premise of this game is that you can customize your own 'gameplay' e.g. create your own bumper car game and course.

Portal 2 coming to Playstation

Awesome cake. Saw some of the technical demos and there's awhole lot of variable harzards this time like slippery substance, bouncy substance, and so on.

Gran Turismo 5

Finally after years of waiting. Sony announced that GT5 will be available on November 2, and will be available in 3D as well .

The next one was really unexpected and caught me off guard :

Twisted Metalllll :DDD

Though I've only played the first and the second game from the series, I'll look forward to this one.

There was also some demo on the Playstation Move but wasn't really interested yet. They showed a demo of the move by playing an archery game, A golf game and some wizards game using the Move as a wand (Surprising >_> )

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