Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Caught in the Middle Part IV @ PJ Laugh Fest


A few months back I got complimentary tickets to a comedy play called Caught In The Middle Part IV at Jaya One thanks to Nuffnang


All I had to do was to submit a joke to get the admission.

My winning entry :

What will happen if earth rotates 30 times faster?
Men will get their salary everyday and women will bleed to death

Sypnosis :

A day in the life of the Chandrans and their friends, the Hamzahs as they wade through landslides, uncertain public transport, the TakPandai Medical (Last) Resort, shopping malls, warungs and the surreal landscape of local TV, culminating in the reality show ‘Who Wants to be a Politician?’ … or maybe it’ll end with another landslide. This multilingual/dialect Malaysian comedy first appeared for two successful seasons in 1987, culminating with, according to the Singapore Straits Times, being one of the three best shows at the Singapore Fringe Festival 1988. Parts II & III surfaced in 1991 & 1993.

Arrived at the Venue rather early and had the chance to snap a few pictures of the venue.


Met up with Pei Li and Richard


About the play itself, most of the skits were based on true (but somewhat embarassing) recent events from Malaysia. No issues weren't too sensitive to poke fun at, from Landslide incidents,to mocking politicians via a skit called "Who wants to be a politician", and that was the part where I totally LOL'ed at each punchline and at the end got sprayed with a watergun by the presenter.


The venue itself was rather cold but sittings were abit uncomfortable if you were to sit in the middle(the guy infront of me had a funky hair which covered half of the play so I had to tilt my head for the first half of the show), here's a tip; always opt for the front seats to get the best view (though you'll risk getting sprayed by the watergun)

The play was 2 hours (with 20minutes intermission) which started from 9pm to 11pm. With a rendition of Poker face from Lady gargle during the intermission


Totally worth watching in my opinion though ticket prices were rather pricey (RM45 to RM70 a pop), but being a Malaysian and growing up watching sitcoms like "Kopitiam", getting to see actors like Mano Maniam perform on the stage gives a nostalgic and surreal feeling, his acting was top-notch as well, being able to switch accent from old english/anglo-saxxon to typical indian accent like it was done by two completely different person.

If you don't enjoy it,you're probably not Malaysian XD

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