Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cafe Pat Kin Pat San @ Shamelin Cheras


Venue : Cafe Pat Kin Pat San, Cheras
Cuisine : Hong Kong/Western
Address 111G - 115G, Jln 1/91,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur

A friend introduce me to this place many years ago and has been one of my regular dining place when I really can't think of anywhere else to go.


Food isn't too great nor it isn't too bad. Menu choices is like any other Hong Kong chain-restaurants that's been everywhere lately except that they have Western food mixed in as well.


Fried Chicken Rice with Mongolian Sauce

My favorite dish at this place. The chicken used to be deep fried and it's crispy skin could be peeled off easily in one shot.



Chicken Cordon' Bleu


Dory Fish Fillet served in Garlic Sauce

Though I would recommend the Cheese Baked Dory Fish Fillet. This one isn't too bad itself.


Crispy Chicken Rice with Ketchup Sauce


Hong Kong Milk Tea, a staple drink of every Hong Kong restaurant. Being a fan of Milk Tea, have been searching high and low for the best ones served and so far haven't found the best yet.

Price wise, the bill usually comes out to around 30+- for 2 person.


Samantha said...

Who needs good milk tea when I can have the best ipoh white coffee and best hainan coffee?

Sam Wong said...

I actually agreed with Samantha..
White Coffee the best.. hehe..
But shouldn't be a daily beverage for health purposes.. ^^

Ryan said...

@Sams meh. True, but I like a good challenge.

Rebecca Saw said...

My fren actually wanted to go fr dinner tonite here..
hmm.. but food seems so-so only hor?