Friday, September 10, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Skin wise that I be saying.

I definitely am. Just feast thy eyes upon these;


I would show thee the rest of my skin it but I'd much rather keep it SFW & L.

One may ask how I maintain such moist and fair-skin, Is it over-the counter remedies where one can easily obtain at an affordable price which is conveniently advertised below my portrait?

Aye, that definitely helps. But there is another approach which I can vouch for!

One well kept secret which I initially hesitated to impart with.

What is it?


Nay, it doesn't require watching re-runs of a movie that involves a glittering nosferatu and a homo-erotic Lycan fighting over a jailbait.

Its Anatidaes.


Aye, they be the secret of having fair and moist skin.

How? Not by consuming. Just having their aura around you will be sufficient in helping your skin's wellbeing. Also the effect increases exponentially with every additional anatidae that's present within a radius of 10 feet.

E.G. ;

Nay, Twas not heresy I speak of! I only speak of the truth!

Proof :

1) High concentration of Dihydrogen monoxide have been found on Anatidaes, which is a key element to a moist skin

2) Ever seen a fully grown anatidae? Just take a gander at it's moist and almost snow-white skin;


Anymore naysayers?


Ms Ave T said...

Great post! all the best for the competition and do check out my entry as well! :D

Miss Ave T

Isabel said...

zadao.. duck also cn make ur skin moist? hahaha

Ryan said...

:D Alternative Therapy