Thursday, August 18, 2011

Because maybe?

So yea, here I am again. Staring at the empty post that's yet to be filled with wise cracks and carefully thought out sentences. I wouldn't say I'm the most interesting person in the room but I have my fair share of thoughts and experience that's been sharpened by the crude end of this cold world we call life.

Here's my life in the last 9 months in a carefully(or rather rushed) compressed single post.

-Got into a new relationship
The catalyst of my transformation/growth. Which I daresay pushed and motivated me

-Started learning the Piano
Achieved Distinction for Grade 5 in ABRSM theory still struggling with practical

-Took Ballroom lessons
Achieved highly recommended marks for the Bronze exam

-Got a an acoustic guitar

-Took Vocal lessons
To get rid of my bad singing voice and tone death ears

-Changed my career
Something drastic but necessary. Growing too comfortable with a job isn't always a good thing.

-Spent the whole night catching up with step-brother
Funny how we didn't get along or spoke more than 2 sentences before this as our lives were almost similar in every way (raised by grandmother, an elder brother, broken home,skipping school etc.)

That's all on the top of my head as far as recalling goes. I'll try to make this a habit and to put more emotions into this so that one day when I'm old and senile I can read all of this back and laugh at my younger un-wise self while berating the young ones on how social media used to be the 'in-thing' and how us gen-Y made all the differences by tweeting to our hundred over followers on all the unfair treatments and such.

Yours sincerely,



Henry Lee said...

u're doing good bro... hope to hear u sing someday :)

Peace Out!
The CleverMunkey

Isaac Tan said...

Good that you're having a good change bro :)

Baboon Tan said...

all the best bro! :)
as long as you are happy in what you are doing! :)

cutebun said...

You are learning so many many many music related course at the same time. Multi talented musician in the making?