Thursday, September 29, 2011

MFest 2011 (Malaysia Music Festival)

Budding musicians, Lend me your ears!

Date : 3rd December 2011
Time : 6pm
Venue : Stadium Badminton Cheras

Get your tickets here! :
(Hurry seats are limited and at the time of writing, the front rows are sold out!)

Introduction :
"M-Fest or Malaysia Music Festival is created by a small group of Malaysians who are enthusiastic about performing arts and wanted to harness musical talents of youths in Malaysia. M-Fest is about talent, creativity & opportunity!

If you think you can impress the panel of judges and participating artistes with your talent and earn a crossover with a top Malaysian artiste, send in your audition video to the selection committee.

We are looking for those who can play any musical instrument(s), dance, sing or surprise us with something we have never seen before. Make us and the artistes begging to for a chance to collaborate with you. Show us how special and talented you are.

You can participate as a solo or in a group. We want you to imagine creating something special and different with the artistes. If you are so good, they might even quietly ask you to join them as a guest at their next solo concert.

Who knows? You might be the next new sensation.

M-Fest is an event supported and endorsed by the Malaysian Federal Government."

A few words from our local artistes :
Gary Chaw

Victor Wong

(I've been told I look like him a few years back but for the love of kyrptonite I have no idea why)


Interested in participating? Head over to and submit your audition videos and show the world what you've got!

I'll be covering some of the Live auditions the coming as well as the festival itself so stay tuned!

P.S. if you're interested in covering this event, do drop me an email at Ryan[at]duckalot[dot]com


Hilda Milda™ said...

You're giving passes too? :P

Ryan said...

Will try to get passes for giveaway!

Tony said...

How do yall get passes to give away? lol