Saturday, October 8, 2011

7atenine Media Lunch with Leng Yein @ Ascott Hotel

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Conceived in February 2006, 7ateNine has gained a steadfast reputation locally and internationally amongst the urban chic crowd,who have turned this lifestyle destination outlet into a must-experience venue. 7atenine has spend the last 5 years evolving with well thought out enhancements to her interiors,and solids & liquids menus to keep up with the times.


The most obvious metamorphosis would be the two-storey high glass enclosure which now cocoons 7atenine and imparts a conservatory-like ambience, while still taking advantage of the surrounding verdant greenery. The introduction of cosmetic soft touches in vivacious fuchsia and turquoise lends an air of refreshing vibrancy.


With these refreshments, this iconic outlet has now been restyled as a Restaurant & Supperclub. The restaurant alludes to sevenspoons dining on the mezzanine, which is designed for those who enjoy taking their time to dine, whilst the supperclub on the ground floor advocates a more relaxed social dining experience. A new solids menu from Chef Kamarul Karnan now offers Japanese influenced cosmopolitan cuisine which aims to please the fussiest of palates. Additionally, 7atenine now serves lunch on Mondays to Fridays and offers unlimited Sushi,Salad & Soup with the option of a main course.

The Sun Bar continues to lure patrons with a medley of signature cocktails, champagnes and boutique wines... served shaken, stirred... any way you like it...but always with impeccable attention to detail

On 6th of October, I was invited by Leng Yein for it's media lunch event for a food and wine tasting session which consists a 3 course meal and dessert. Or so I thought


The starter : 


Nicoise Salad
Grilled peppered tuna, asparagus, 19minutes boiled egg, black olives, drizzled with citrus emulsion. Simply mouthwatering, especially the taste of the grilled tuna and citrus mixed together.


Appletini. First alcohol of the day, loved the crystal-like salt finish.


Floating Onion Soup


Beef consomme with caramelised onion, bread emulsion & mirror ice cream.

Ice-cream and soup...that was a first for me.

Not forgetting the wine of course : 



Chablis wine.

and finally the crème de la crème :

The Main Course : 

Trio...Beef,Chicken and Cod


Slow baked blue cod fillet. Loved the texture of the meat


Slow baked grain fed tenderloin & Foie Gras. Awesomeness. The Foie Gras was smooth and velvety and went hand in hand with the beef especially when taken with the wine.


Chicken breast marinated with mustard.


Dessert : Manju-Manju

Green-tea ice cream accompanied with Azuki Red Bean, couple with Ferrero wrapped in wanton skin.


Bailey Shot with Vodka and chocolate.

Was really full by the end of the meal and was trying to avoid the camera capturing the lower half of my body :P


Group photos with the other bloggers and photographers


7atenine....definitely the place for Celebrations!

For more photos on this event, click here


Anne Lee said...

love the design of that place, so classy.

Ryan said...

Yea, the design is nice. Though the seats take some time getting used to