Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Malaysia Music Festival (Mfest) 2011 UCSI Auditions


Covered the Mfest 2011 auditions on Monday at UCSI, missed the first few auditions though. Arrived in the late afternoon not expecting much but came out awed by the talents that was there.

The Audition Room and the GFW crew setting all the stage up


Wen Chun - performing a chinese number.


Joey performing 'A song from Secret Garden'


Bi Ying performing Yuna's 'Deeper Conversation'

Fell in love with the song after hearing her version.


Didn't catch her name, if anyone knows the song/her name do drop me an email

And Finally Rei doing an Alicia Key number on impromptu, simply amazing.

For more photos of the Audition, click here

So that's some of the talents from the UCSI audition, there will be another round of auditions on the 22nd of October 2011 at Segi University at Kota Damansara. 11am to 4pm. If you are interested in joining the audition. It's not only open to students of that college.

Winners will have a chance to perform with local Artist like Yuna.Gary Chaw, Victor Wong to name a few during the Malaysia Music Festival on the 3rd of December 2011.

Will be covering the next audition too(with anticipation this time) so stay tuned!

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