Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa Review @ Pavilion

Was invited by to review Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa located at Pavilion Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur.

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Kenko  Reflexology & Fish Spa Sdn Bhd (Next to GSC)
Lot 5.01.09, Level 5, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Contact : +603 2141 6651
Fax : +603 2141 6552
Website :
Business Hours : 10am - 10pm Daily

Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa has the pleasure to introduce a revitalize treatment in beauty and wellness - Dr Fish Spa Therapy. Dr Fish species have a unique dietary habit, where it would naturally peck away at the dead and diseased skin of bathers.

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An overview of the Spa

It is also believed to be able to ease the symptoms of those suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

Let these little 'massuers' nibble away your dead skin and pamper your feet to a pleasant sensation and relaxation of 'micro-massage', followed by a tingling sensasion. Your feet will emerge with baby-smooth skin and makes your pore unobstructed to promote blood circulation of the skin.

Firstly when we arrived, we were given a towel and was asked to wash our feet thoroughly before starting the Fish spa for hygiene purposes. If you have any injuries or open wounds on your feet, plasters will be provided for hygiene and health purposes.

2011-11-22 17.43.41
The washing up section

2011-11-22 17.42.32

Elaira washing up before getting in

Was told that there are 3 different types of fishes available. From Small Medium to Large. Suffice to say, the larger they are. The harder they bite. Learnt it the hard way.

2011-11-22 17.49.47

The small fishes

2011-11-22 17.57.15
The large ones

2011-11-22 17.59.07
Jia Yeen & Elaira

The girl's reaction to the large fish section.

Kenko Treatment pricing

Fish Spa (30 minutes) - RM38 for adult, RM19 for kids below 12 and No charge for Children below 4
Body Fish Spa therapy - available at Pavilion & Gurney Plaza branch (30 minutes) - RM108

Fish Spa Top To Toe package

  • Fish spa therapy 30 minutes
  • Foot reflexology 60 minutes
  • Shoulder massage 30 minutes
  • Acupressure Head therapy 30 minutes
Total : 150 minutes (2 hours 30 mins) RM220

It was an enjoyable experience but I wouldn't recommend dipping in the big fishes section for more than 10 minutes as they will injure your skin. Feet was baby soft after the whole session ended. 


Merryn said...

Recently in the news they said Fishspa is a NO NO as they can transmit many disease through all that biting and more. I dare not try fishspa since then.. I'll definitely NOT try those BIG fish. Scary! :(

Xue Ren said...

the fish 'bite' ur leg rite? izzit hurt? =O

Ryan said...

@Merryn I think the chances of that happening are very low.

@Xue Ren : Well I put my leg in the big fish pond for too long, got bite marks all over my feet now

Unknown said...

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