Monday, November 28, 2011

Overtime @ Pavilion KL with Timothy O'Rourke

Was invited to Overtime at Pavilion last week for a freeflow beer and food session as well as to meet Timothy O'Rouke, Master Brewer of Starker. Which was an delightful experience to taste fresh beers tapped straight from the barrel.

P.S. This also marks the first time I've been into OverTime, despite it mushrooming everywhere.


OverTime Pavilion
Lot C4-02-00, Level 4,
Pavilion Shopping Mall
Kuala Lumpur

Located just below the GSC floor, it's easy not to miss this place and don't let the front mislead you, the place actually looks bigger and spacious inside.

#1 Meet Timothy O'Rouke.

#2 How the Starker beer was 'tapped' and served to us. with Wilee being the person who hammered the tap in.

#3 Foam being extracted out first from a fresh barrel before serving

#4 having a round with Tim

Now on with the food.

#5 Deep Fried pork cut up into finger portions

#6 Awesome Siew Yuk / Roasted Pork

#7 Beancurd pork

#8 Chicken chop that came with awesome bbq sauce

#9 Pork Chops

#10 My favorite dish of the evening, grilled lamb shoulders. Loved the juicy fats.

#11 There was also a little live performance. Didn't catch their name/group though.

#12 Wilee

#13 The barrel and the hypothetical monkey that came with it

#14 Isac, Wilee, Me, and Junfook

#15 The lamb was so good I decided to go for seconds.

#16 Group picture of the bloggers and Tim

Overall enjoyed the food and the evening and will definitely visit this establishment more often. Overtime is definitely a place to have a few drinks and catch up with your friends and colleagues afterwork or during the weekend.

Summary : Freshly tapped starker beers. Great main course food. Delicious Finger food.


Wilee Tee said...

hahaha u look so greedy. hahaha

Ryan said...

:P I am greedy

Henry Lee said...

good gathering with good food and beer... nice seeing u there ducky! xD

bendan said...

Left me out, Y NO ME.. T___T"
Nah, no transport that day. *sigh* missed the fun. ='[

Koh Kian Fai said...

walao jfook was there as well!

and alot of pork . . . not halal :X

Choulyew said...

hahah! got bring the empty barrel home or not? would be an awesome momento :D

Ryan said...

@Henry Yea nice seeing you there. Awaiting for your pictures wei

@Bendan Y U No RSVP. Can fetch u 1 mar

@Kianfai Haha OverTime itself very not halal liao.

@Choulyew That's actually a good idea, didn't thought of that wei

FiSh said...

i loveeee food! hahas but in overtime, i love their cocktail the most :D


shii teck said...

the photos looked good even taken with S2. cool

shii teck said...

the photos looked good even taken with S2. cool

Ryan said...

@Fish Which cocktails do you normally order?

@Shiiteck Yeaaaa, time to get one for yourself