Monday, November 21, 2011

Seeking Justice Movie Review

Short synopsis: Set in New Orleans, Nicholas Cage's character Will struggles to cope with a horrible decision he made after his wife(January Jones) was assaulted. In this movie, we see him journey from vulnerable citizen to triumphant hero.

Will has lost faith in the justice system, and against his better judgement he rashly agrees to the vigilante action, by muttering the trigger phrase “when the hungry rabbit jumps”. Soon Laura makes a full recovery and Will thinks all his problems are behind him.

Unfortunately the rabbit has to jump again, and this time Will is going to be the one required to take action for the shadowy group. Saying “no” is not an option, and his family are placed in danger again, leaving him to take matters into his own hands. 

Highlights: This show was pretty much a thriller, quite a typical show of Nicholas Cage. One where he's the hero? But there were scenes that made me jump in my seat and cling onto the person next to me. The most thrilling part for me was when they used the phrase "a hungry rabbit jumps"

A hungry rabbit jumps is a term meaning greed.

Low-lights: The show had too many of those moments where the audience would scream out "why would you do that?".

Good for suspense if used wisely, however with this movie it was used a few too many times. One such incident would be when Will is finally winning the fight, his wife Laura suddenly screams out and a distracted Will then ends up losing the fight. Seriously? The heck?

I expected a little more in that sense. Also It tries to apply that 'inception' intelligence, but I eventually left pretty confused.

IMBD rates it 7.5.
I rate it 4.5


FiSh said...

i hope i didnt judge a book by its cover, but seriously its poster isnt attracting me to watch it. lol. perhaps i shall keep it for next time :)

-FiSh :)

Unknown said...

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